Getting the Most Out of Your RRSP While Living in the United States

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12 / Oct AUTHOR NAME: Stuart Campbell 0 COMMENTS

Most Canadian residents participate in something known as the Registered Retirement Savings Plan, essentially a legal trust that can contain anything from stocks and bonds to mutual funds and guaranteed investment certificates.  The real benefit with an RRSP is that any contributions made in a given year are tax deductible — up to point, of..

Why You Might Need a Cross-Border Financial Advisor

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7 / Sep AUTHOR NAME: Stuart Campbell 0 COMMENTS

  The United States and Canada share many similarities in culture, language, and lifestyle, leading expatriates moving to the U.S. to believe the transition will be a simple one. But the complexities associated with such a move often require advanced financial, tax, and legal planning. You must understand the intricacies and issues with cross-border wealth..