Do You Know Your Money Script ?

12 / Jun AUTHOR NAME: Stuart Campbell 3 COMMENTS

Do You Know Your Money Script?

Money Scripts are internalized assumptions or rules that are often rooted in our childhood and ultimately shape our financial health.

Uncovering your money script and knowing yourself better is the best starting point for making changes and improving your financial health.  

Which of these statements apply to you?

I must not spend money on things I can do without.

Money will take care of itself.

Money should not be discussed.

My parents/partner will always take care of my financial needs.

Success means never lowering your income or standard of living.

Money brings problems.

I’m a financial screw-up.

If people need something form me, it is selfish and mean to withhold it.

More money equals more happiness and security.

I must always ‘look the part’.

Our family has a special responsibility to the world.

The problem with money scripts is not that they are inherently wrong, or bad, or misguided: the problem is that they are rigid and indiscriminately applied. Without understanding the particular scripts that inform your money choices, you will never be able to pinpoint the beliefs that are holding you back from your goals. Take the time to think about your most deeply held money beliefs and figure out if they are helping or hurting your financial future.


  1. John Wazlawik says:

    Growing with parents that survived the flu pandemic of 1918, the depression of the late 20s and early 30s, did form a chunk of my money perceptions. We always had food on the table and a roof over our heads. Creature comforts were simple. We still had a good life. Now we have much greater resources, but still pay attention to not wasting them. We do have fun, but still maintain a more conservative approach.

    • Stuart Campbell says:

      Hi John Thank you for your comments. Your family history is a great example of how money scripts are created.

  2. Robert Rutt says:

    Is Campbell Wealth Advisors LLC a Fiduciary Company ?

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