Hidden Volatility Costs and Active Portfolio Management

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2 / Apr AUTHOR NAME: Stuart Campbell 1 COMMENTS

I have been in the Institutional Trading business for 28 years and recently made the move into the Financial Advisory world. I landed at a reputable BD/Insurance shop to learn about the retail world and its’s ins and outs. My experience led me to the investment side of things so that is what I focused..


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7 / Oct AUTHOR NAME: Stuart Campbell 0 COMMENTS

Since President Trump’s election, the markets have climbed to record heights, partially thanks to investor enthusiasm for Trump’s policies. One of those policies is tax reform. After months of behind-the-scenes talks between the White House and Capitol Hill, Republicans have at last released their plan to update the tax code. Tax law is murky, and..

How to Protect Yourself—and Your Money—From Hackers

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28 / Sep AUTHOR NAME: Stuart Campbell 0 COMMENTS

You’ve probably seen headlines like this over the past few days: Equifax® Says Cyberattack May Have Hit 143 Million Customers Every year, it seems more and more companies are falling victim to hackers. Even large organizations like Verizon®, Walmart®, and Target® aren’t immune. But the recent cyberattack on Equifax is especially noteworthy. As one of..